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Sectional Garage Doors

Why Choose A Sectional Garage Door For Your Property?

With property owners now considering their garage as an extension of their home, garage developments in the manufacturing of doors means they have quickly adapted to engineer garage doors to be functional and inspiringly designed to suit all types of homes and features instead of buyers feeling restricted to choosing practical decisions over design. Garage doors are generally a once in a life time purchase for home owners and when planning to buy a new door, you will quickly notice how styles and designs have changed dramatically, making your next garage door purchase one that will last for many years more into the future.

“Now garages are being used for playrooms, gyms, storage & utility rooms as well as a car or vehicle in particularly double garages.”


Affordable Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are conventionally designed to be constructed of three to eight panels and slide up and overhead on a tracking mechanism. Sectional doors have become popular as an affordable option as manufacturers have expanded colour and style options. As well as Roller Shutter Doors, Sectional Doors occupies the exact same amount of internal garage space, which means for those properties that are restricted by the amount of driveway space, this would be an ideal garage option.

Security For Your Sectional Shutter Doors

We understand that whilst you are looking for a garage door that meets a set of requirements, an affordable price is top of your agenda. But this should not refrain you from considering extra security or the choice of automatic garage facilities. As home owners define their garage as more of a storage facility or a multi functional space, we are keen to advise you of why sectional overhead garages facilitate good security advantages allowing you to store your personal possessions, car or equipment in your garage risk free and with peace of mind, free from the thought of theft.

Benefits Of A Sectional Garage Door From Cheshire Doors

  • Excellent security offered by the design of the door itself if specified correctly.
  • Rubber seal to the bottom of the curtain to prevent dust, insects entering your garage.
  • Doors available in insulated Steel & Vinyl Polyethylene.
  • Choice of garage door handles available.
  • Available up to nearly 6 metres wide at almost any size and 3 metres and fit an arch opening.
  • Ideal for properties with little or limited space compared to vertical operation.
  • Space saving right up to the garage door with operation still functional.
  • Each panel has it own door track connection, boasting reliability and robustness.
  • Available in a selection of coloured features.


What Should You Consider When Planning A Purchase Of A Garage Door?

At Cheshire Doors, we want your garage door choice to be the right one and deliver the security and requirements for the future of your home. We have put together a few key facts to consider:

  • If you have never purchased a garage door for your home before, consider what you like about your current garage door.
  • Have you had a history of crime in your area or at your property?
  • Would you like your garage door to match the period style of your home?
  • Is there a style of garage you have seen?
  • Does anyone in your property who uses the garage door have any medical / disability conditions?
  • What will your garage be used for?

Contact Cheshire Doors & Receive:

  • Give you a free quote & on site survey.
  • Come out to you and measure your garage door.
  • Fix & repair your garage door within the manufacturers guarantee.
  • Leave your premises free from any rubbish during the installation and thereafter.

Confused? Need some advice before you place your order?

HORMANN Sectional M-panel

HORMANN Sectional M-ribbed

HORMANN Sectional Timber S-ribbed

HORMANN Sectional Timber S-panel


Our Commitment To Sectional Overhead Door Repairs For Cheshire

All garage doors purchased from Cheshire Doors come with a 10 year guarantee. We have a commitment of service to ensure we carry our all repairs for your product. In all our 36 years of service, there is nothing we having fixed and doesn’t always mean you need a new garage door. Whether you have purchased one of our automatic or manual sectional garage door products or have incurred a problem that needs fixing in an emergency for your business or trade, Cheshire Doors can fix & repair any garage door locks, handle or track connection and garage door torsion spring system. We also are expert repairers of damaged business premise garage doors and automatic gates and remote controls.