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Side Hinged Garage Doors

Why Choose A Side Hinged Garage Door For Your property?

If a traditional over and upward garage door is all you’ve ever known, side hinged garage doors are the latest innovation to stylish and functional design in garage manufacturing. Available in manual or automatic, Cheshire Doors have beautiful eloquent gloss finished garage door options to suit any home owner.

The adaptation of home living means garage door manufacturers have followed suit in conforming to how people can use their garages as a gateway to the internal home or an accessible entrance to a traditional door. With particular larger properties, such as detached homes, this has led to an up rise in barn style doors, offset side hinged dating back to carriage style farm houses, stable barns in Victorian times.

Affordable Side Hinged Doors

As property owners look to find affordable and accessible ways of storing possessions, vehicles & turn garages into working or temporary facility spaces, garage door manufacturers such as Wessex, have designed their side hinged garage doors to ensure they can be insulated for the comfort of people using their garage whilst a dry and dust free garage means seals on your roller garage can help prevent any incident of damage by insects or damp to your garage furniture.

Side Hinged Garage Doors have been becoming popular as it lends itself to minimising human effort and repairs that are found on counterbalance and tracking connections.  Security is good and as bolts at the top and bottom of the door will ensure maximum security.


Benefits Of A Side Hinged Garage Door

  • Excellent security offered by the design of the side hinged door itself if specified correctly.
  • Available with the incorporation of windows to allow natural light when using your garage for functional space.
  • Choice of garage door handles & finishes available.
  • Space saving right not infringing of awkward spaces.

At Cheshire Doors we have commonly found that customers have started to use their garages more and more frequently besides the storage of their car. We have found that most haven’t even got a lock that properly functions in order to protect processions. Whilst most doors are secure as standard with manual operation installed with sliding bar internally locking system, remote controlled doors offer an increase of security with a variety of locking operation held from the barrel that the material is attached to. Home insurance doesn’t always cover garage theft and can be automatically invalid if your garage doesn’t lock if you are trying to claim for a break in. Cheshire Doors have a commitment to ensuring we offer your garage door security fixtures and locks for the longevity & protection of your garage.

What Should You Consider When Planning A Purchase Of A Garage Door?

There are a few valid points that always get our customers thinking when going through the decision process of choosing a garage door. Firstly a garage door is not something you are likely to replace in the next few years so choose wisely in how you wish to use your garage in the long term. At Cheshire Doors, we consider our advice is the best advice you won’t find anywhere else, because we have 36 years experience as a reputable business. The information we give you just won’t answer your questions, but based on the information you give us as we listen to how you use your garage facilities and from our home survey, suggesting what would suit your preferences within budget.

We want your garage door choose to be the right one and deliver the security and requirement for the future of your home, so we have put together a few key facts to consider:

  • Are you looking to increase your security presence for your home?
  • Would you like your garage door to match the period or style of your home?
  • Is there a style of garage you have seen in your neighbourhood or brochure?
  • Do you or anyone who uses the garage door have any medical / disability conditions?
  • What do you want to use your garage for in the future?

Are You Looking For a Side Hinged Garage Door Supplier in Cheshire?

At Cheshire Doors, we are proud of the service we deliver in which we consider lends itself to the 36 years experience we have working as a garage door supplier. We are thorough in the work we carry out ensuring that we deliver on time and without implications.

Contact Cheshire Doors & Receive:

  • Give you a free quote & on site survey.
  • Advise you on security of your side hinged garage door.
  • come out to you and measure your garage door.
  • Fix & repair your garage door within the manufacturers guarantee.
  • Leave your premises free from any rubbish during the installation and thereafter.

Confused? Need some advice before you place your order?

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Our commitment to Side Hinged garage door repairs in Cheshire

Whether you have had one of our side hinged garage door products installed or have incurred a problem that needs fixing in an emergency, Cheshire Doors can fix & repair any brand including Select garage door locks, handle or track connection and garage door torsion spring system. We also repair damaged business premise garage doors and automatic gates and remote controls.