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ABS Garage Doors

Why Choose An ABS UP & Over Garage Door For Your Property?

Besides curb appeal, garages have become quickly the new living space for homeowners all over the UK as families expand, so does the cutter and equipment needed to maintain a loving comfortable home.

Garages are still often thought upon as draughty cold and unfriendly spaces, but as homeowners look to quickly find new places to store unused items without the costly expense of expanding the main structure of the home, the garage opportunities are endless.

“Garages have been known for nothing more than the parking of a car and a few shelves, but now modern-day homeowners are using their garage to facilitate storage units and kitchen appliances.”

Security For Your ABS Up & Over Doors

We understand that whilst you are looking for a garage door that meets a set of requirements, an affordable price is top of your agenda. The choice of automatic garage facilities can make life much easier and has many more advantages that will prevent the lock from being tampered with. Locks and handles are standard with ABS doors but can be changed to suit your personal preferences. ABS steel up and over doors lends itself to the robustness because the material used is commonly used for car bumpers, so in the event, the door panel is knocked, it flexes by bouncing returning to its original shape without damage. Another security advantage of ABS garage doors are they have fully bonded steel stiffeners at the rear helping to protect against forced entry.

What Should You Consider When Planning A Purchase Of A Garage Door?

If you have never purchased an ABS garage door for your home before, consider what you like about your current garage door. Here we have provided some thought promoting points to consider:

  • Have you had a history of crime in your area or at your property?
  • Would you like your garage door to match the period style of your home?
  • Is there a style of garage you have or like the look or style of?
  • Does anyone in your property who uses the garage door have any medical / disability conditions?
  • What will your new garage be used for?

Contact Cheshire Doors & Receive:

  • Give you a free quote & on-site survey.
  • Come out to you and measure your old garage door.
  • Fix & repair your ABS garage door within the manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Leave your premises free from any rubbish during the installation and thereafter.

Confused? Need some advice before you place your order?

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CARDALE ABS Jacobean Elite

CARDALE ABS Bedford Elite


CARDALE ABS Berkeley Vertical Side Hung

CARDALE ABS Victoriana Side Hung


Our Commitment To Repairing Your ABS Garage Door In Cheshire

Sometimes when you least expect it, your garage door will decide to play up, your remote control may not function how it is normally supposed to operate. With Cheshire Doors by your side, we are your point of call for ABS garage door maintenance in Cheshire. Whether you have had one of our ABS garage door products installed or have incurred a problem with a Cardale door that needs fixing in an emergency, Cheshire Doors will come to your rescue and assess the problem. If we can, we will do our best to fix & repair your garage door locks, handle or track connection or garage door torsion spring system on the same day there and then. ABS garage doors are a popular choice for traders and small business external lockers in which we also repair damaged business premise garage doors and automatic gate remote controls.