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Garage Roller Doors

Why Choose A Roller Shutter Garage Door for your property?

Roller garage doors have been a popular favourite style of garage since the modern day home development of in the 1940s. Its hard not to see why due to its space saving attributes. Practical and functional roll up roller doors for any style of home.  With the development of lifestyle living our manufacturers of roller shutter doors has meant they have developed the design of their garage styles to appeal to property owners who are looking for a garage door to match the exterior features of their home, such choices that include the planning of choosing your garage door may consider the period the property was built in, coloured fascia, window design and colour which now means homes owners have “8 colours to choose from” aside from conventional white.

“Insulated roller garage doors are ideal for using your garage as a playroom, workshop, gym, home office or storeroom.”

Affordable Roller Shutter Doors

As property owners look to find affordable and accessible ways of storing possessions, vehicles & turn garages into working or temporary facility spaces, garage door manufacturers design their roller garage doors to ensure they can be insulated for the comfort of people using their garage whilst a dry and dust free garage means seals on your roller garage can help prevent any incident of damage by insects or damp to your garage furniture.

Benefits Of A Roller Shutter Garage Door

  • Excellent security offered by the design of the door itself if specified correctly
  • Rubber seal to the bottom of the curtain to prevent dust, insects entering your garage.
  • Choice of garage door handles available.
  • Ideal for properties with little or limited space due compared to vertical operation
  • Space saving right up to the garage door with operation still functional
  • Available in 8 colours and woodgrain features
  • No internal tracking mechanisms
  • Manufactured from strong corrosion-resistant aluminium with an insulating core

What Should You Consider When Planning A Purchase Of A Garage Door?

It is common to think that when you find yourself requiring a new garage door, that any old garage door will do as long as you can afford it, but when you speak to our qualified roller garage door engineers, you may start to think twice. At Cheshire Doors, we consider advice is the best information we can give you, we won’t just answer your questions, we listen to how you use your garage facilities and in our home survey, suggest what would suit your preferences within budget. We understand that garages need to be affordable and we help you find one in budget. Whilst budget plays a heavy factor in your garage planning we can offer advice on security features, as low price can sometimes not give you maximum security, which isn’t always necessarily suitable for every homeowner. At Cheshire Doors, we understand that a garage isn’t something you replace or change frequently and sometimes maybe only once in your time at your property, we want your garage door choice to be the right one and deliver the security and requirement for the future of your home, so we have put together a few key facts to consider:

  1. If you have never purchased a garage door for your home before, consider what you like about your current garage door and write these points down.
  2. Have you had a history of crime in your area or at your property
  3. Would you like your garage door to match the period or style of your home
  4. Is there a style of garage you have seen in your neighbourhood or brochure?
  5. Do you or anyone who uses the garage door have any medical / disability conditions?
  6. What do you want to use your garage for in the future?
  7. What colours suit the style of your home, for example, black

Confused? Need some advice before you place your order?

SWS UK Seceuroglide Roller Door

SWS UK Compact Roller Door

HORMANN Roller Matic


Colour Chart:

Shown below is the range of colours available for the Roller Doors Collection.


Make Your Garage Roller Door Security Work For You

At Cheshire Doors we have commonly found that customers have started to use their garages more and more frequently besides the storage of their car. We have found that most haven’t even got a lock that properly functions in order to protect processions. Whilst most roller shutter doors are secure as standard with manual operation installed with sliding bar internally locking system, remote controlled doors offer an increase of security with a variety of locking operation held from the barrel that the material is attached to. Home insurance doesn’t always cover garage theft and can be automatically invalid if your garage doesn’t lock if you are trying to claim for a break in. Cheshire Doors have a commitment to ensuring we offer your garage door security fixtures and locks for the longevity & protection of your garage.

Our Commitment To Roller Door Repairs For Cheshire Properties

Whether you have had one of our automatic or manual roller garage door products installed or have incurred a problem that needs fixing in an emergency for your business or trade, Cheshire Doors can fix & repair any garage door locks, handle or track connection and garage door torsion spring system. We also repair damaged business premise garage doors and automatic gates and remote controls.