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Garage Doors Alderley Edge

For over thirty years, Cheshire Doors has slowly but surely established itself as an outstanding garage doors installer that offers a range of quality garage doors for its customers. As demand has increased, we now have extended our business as a garage door supplier into Alderley Edge for your home.

garage door installation alderely edge

We ensure that we source only the best garage doors into our company in terms of material, expected duration and of course the quality. Extensive amounts of work goes into manufacturing the garage doors in Alderley Edge that we produce for our customers. We now have electric garage doors available with the latest technology.

Manual or Automatic Garage Doors in Alderely Edge?

There are a lot of similarities between our manual and automatic garage doors in the way that they function. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, our specialist team will be on hand to give you detailed information about both options, the alternatives and we will even suggest which option may be the best for your specific property. If you decide to go for the manual doors, we do an upgrade to electric doors whenever you feel like you want the upgrade. Therefore, there’s no pressure in making the wrong decision as it can always be changed further down the line. One of the main benefits to the automatic garage doors is the impressive technology that’s integrated into the system and how it comes with a range of mobile accessories that provide you with full full sensory control.

Ensure Your Garage Doors are Secure

It’s obviously massively important to make sure that your garage door in Alderely Edge are safe and secure at all times to keep your prized possessions within. Thankfully, at our company, all garage doors are certified with brand quality to make sure every product that comes through our doors is tested for quality output, durability and also safety regulations. If you are brand new to the industry, you can simply get in touch with us and our experts will inform you.

Customize Your Garage to What You Want

The great thing that we offer here at Cheshire Doors is the option to customize your garage to how you want it to look and function. Of course, this only goes so far. However, whether you want to have a say on the finishing touches or you would prefer to choose the specific materials we use, we’re open to your suggestions. Our team will work with you and give our expert advice to point you in the right direction to achieve the most durable, aesthetic and quality garage door for you in Alderely Edge.

Garage Door Repairs Alderley Edge

Are you having problems with your faulty garage door in Alderely Edge? if so, our repair specialists in your local area can come to your property and fix it. As well as being a major inconvenience, it can also cause problems in regards to security if you have any financially or sentimentally valuable possessions stored in there. Don’t put up with this and call our team of specialists today.

Call Cheshire Doors Today For The Best Garage Door Service

Whether you need garage door installation or garage door repair, give our team a call today on 033 0119 2000. Alternatively, you can send us an enquiry or request further information by emailing directly at As always, our team will be friendly, professional and we’re on your doorstep!