Manual Garage Doors

These doors are commonly chosen by homeowners where they infrequently use there garage. Garags are a great space and with ambition and ideas, you can transform it into something functional. As technologies and product design has advanced, they are now made from a number of materials and are lighter as compared to those made decades ago. Manual garage doors also offer as range of powder paint and foils to even look like timber wood.

Sectional garage doors

These are manual operated garage doors which when installed fit in any shape or size of a garage. They sectional-manual-cheshireare usually constructed from horizontal sections of materials as per the requirements of the buyer or client (available in 3 to 8 panels). In some cases the nature of the door may be dictated by the way your garage is built. The doors are easy and simple to operate as they are normally glided upwards and can be stored in the roof of the garage on a built horizontal track.

Up and over manual garage doors

up-over-garage-door-cheshire    Up and over Garage doors are conventionally the first of garage designs made by  the industry. They are simply operated by just unlocking with the handle and   glide until locked into its connection position. Common styles of up and over manual garage doors include the canopy doors and retractable doors. A range of handles are available to suit the style and property from all our garage brands.

Roller manual garage doors

This is another common garage door which is conventionally mounted on tracks running up on the side of manual-rollerdoor-cheshirethe garage door. When operating a roller manual door, it rolls up into a coil and stored in a barrel. The benefit of a roller door is it can roll tighter leaving up to 300mm for head room and manoeuvring. Roller doors are fitted on the external brick fascia, leaving no space wasted for parking. A range of handles to suit allowing comfortable grip to lift with ease.

Side sliding sectional doors

side-hinged-sectional-cheshireThis type of manual garage doors combines both sliding and sectional principles in their operation as outlined above. They have the following benefits when installed: since the door opens to the side, all the space in the ceiling can be used for other functions such as storing ladders or rigid furniture. Side sliding sectional manual garage doors can fit in slopped roofs which is not practical with most garage doors. These doors advantageous are for double fronted garages and require little human effort to open and close as they are designed to run on in ground runners and sealed to prevent loss of heat and causes of damp.

Choosing Cheshire Doors service to install your manual garage door

At Cheshire Doors, our 3 decades of experience has meant we have transformed over 10,000 manual garages into the most attractive and functional garage doors for homeowners across Cheshire. Having been a garage installer for Cheshire, our reputation has spread over the course of Winsford, Crewe & Macclesfield.