Timber Garage Doors

Why Choose A Timber Garage Door For Your Property?

With property owners now considering curb appeal ever more important and investing in equity into their property, timber garages have been a popular product of choice particularly for double fronted garage properties. Another trend that has hit the movement in home improvements has to utilise their garage as an extension of their home.  Garage manufacturers such as Hormann have improved their developments to adapt with the function of home owners looking to use their garage for, instead of buyers feeling restricted to choosing practicality over design decisions one may make. Garage doors are generally a once in a life time purchase for home owners and you will quickly begin to notice how styles and designs have changed dramatically, making your next garage door purchase one that you will enjoy using and lasting for many more years to come.

“Now garages are being used for playrooms, gyms, storage & utility rooms as well as a car or bikes in particularly with double garaged homes, Timber Hardwood doors offer a complete package of curb appeal and security.”


Affordable Timber Garage Doors

Timber garage doors are conventionally designed to work up and over tracking mechanism and can be made to suit single or double garage fronted garage units.

Security For Your Timber Hardwood Doors

We understand that whilst you are looking for a garage door that meets a set of requirements, an affordable price is top of your agenda. But this should not refrain you from considering extra security or the choice of automatic garage facilities. As home owners define their garage as more of a storage facility or a multi functional space, we are keen to advise you of why timber overhead garages facilitate good security advantages allowing you to store your personal possessions, car or equipment in your garage risk free and with peace of mind, free from the thought of theft.

Benefits Of A Timber Garage Door From Cheshire Doors

  • Excellent security offered by the design of the door itself if specified correctly.
  • Doors made from cedar wood, hard wood or marine ply.
  • Choice of garage door handles available.
  • Canopy or retractable gear available.
  • 2 point lock but 4 point locking retractable gear is available for extra security.
  • Each design boasts reliability and robustness.
  • Available in 9 attractive wood grain tones.
  • Plastic black nylon handle as standard, but a choice of 7 handles available to suit wood finishes at an additional cost.
  • Hormann electric garage door operators available in a choice of functions and styles including 1- 4 channel transmitter and home link
  • Windows available in some Hormann designs featured


What Should You Consider When Planning A Purchase Of A Garage Door?

At Cheshire Doors, we want your garage door choice to be the right one and deliver the security and requirements for the future of your home. We have put together a few key facts to consider:

  • If you have never purchased a timber hardwood garage door for your home before, consider what you like about your current garage door.
  • Are you looking to increase the security presence of your garage valuables?
  • Would you like your garage door to match the period style of your home?
  • Is there a style of garage you have seen?
  • Does anyone in your property who uses the garage door have any medical / disability conditions?
  • What will your garage be used for?

Why Choose Cheshire Doors?

Cheshire Doors will provide a free quote and on-site survey to assess and advise which garage doors will be suitable for your property and needs.

With no call-out charge, our skilled fitters will arrive at your property and measure your garage door to provide an accurate quote and to ensure our measurements are correct should you wish to proceed with a timber garage door.

Our garage door installation services doesn’t stop at the fitting. Should any problems arise, we will fix and repair your garage door within the manufacturers guarantee, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you’ve bought a high quality door from a reputable company who care about their customers.

Finally, we  remove any waste, old doors and rubbish that upon completion of the job, leaving you only with a timber garage door to be proud of.

Contact Cheshire Doors today to arrange a free call out and quote for a timber garage door installation at your property in Cheshire, Crewe, Chester, Macclesfield, Northwich and St Helens.

Styles of Timber Garage Doors


Timber Colour Chart:

Shown below is the range of colours available for the Timber Doors Collection.


Our Commitment To Timber Up & Over Garage Repairs For Cheshire

Whether you have had one of our automatic or manual canopy timber garage door products installed or have incurred a problem with a Hormann door that needs fixing in an emergency for your home, business or trade, Cheshire Doors can fix & repair any type of garage door locks, handle or track connection and garage door torsion spring system. We also repair damaged business premise garage doors and automatic gates and remote controls.